Ciparvedis a team of skilled professionals brought together economic, accounting , personnel affairs and records provision of the service and, in addition , each of us has its own trade enthusiast .

Our primary goal is to provide quality accounting outsourcing . It is important that the client be sure of our professionalism and entrust your problem successful conclusion .

We work from 2007 and continues to strive to offer a variety of solutions to develop more and more convenient for the customer’s new business ideas.

Choosing accounting outsourcing contract, you get:

  • contract for accounting services to determine the scope of services
  • computerized accounting in accordance with the current legislation ,
  • LR regular legislative change information
  • savings on the cost of employment , training, purchase specialized literature , conference attendance ,
  • opportunity to follow the accountant costs rise or fall of documents circulation
  • Accountants collective view
  • and most importantly – secure environment for their economic activity and time for new achievements.

We certainly have economical solution fanatics !